Happy New Year

14th January 2015
Onwards and upwards and it seems at an alarming rate of knots yet again. Already we are half way through January and I am sure I specifically requested a slower year.

Although I do not believe in New Years resolutions as such, I do attempt to set myself achievable goals. This years one is to get my life back. I seem to have become somewhat of a hermit due to health knocking me for six in 2014! My constant lack of energy effecting what little social life I had, now is for the main virtually non existent. I have found during the past if I do have spare time on my hands it is spent trolling through social media management and how to advertise/promote your business courses or programmes.

I have decided this year to make a change. The one thing I have missed the most moving here from London and the South East is the theatre. So I used a gift card from a friend and joined The Friends of the Local Theatre Severn. This entitles me to money off opening nights (2for1) and other special events plus the cafe/restaurant and it seems discount to The Market Hall Cinema. Now all I need to do is pluck up the courage to go along on my own should a show come up no one else fancies going along with me. Funny how places that we prefer not to be talking or listening to others talk we tend not to like being alone in, theatre, cinema, etc. Restaurants are another one for me, oddly I have no problem if I am out on a shoot in a place stopping anywhere for a breakfast or even dinner but to just decide sod it I'm not cooking and go out for a meal alone. Nope can't do it. Daft really! However part of Fibromyalgia is ever changing symptoms and lots of them. We all have confidence knocks and things that make us fearful. I have been agoraphobic in the past and it took a great deal for me to get over this. I have found that due to Fibro and fatigue this will all to easily rear it's ugly head again.

So with brute force, sheer determination and despite the fatigue, pain and the sheer force of will it required to attend, I did manage to make it to the local Church Stretton's aptly named Housmans Bar for Owen Lewis', Portable Theatre Company, 'Open Mic Poetry Night' and thoroughly enjoyed myself! A great bunch of people that really made you feel welcome and at home. Eager to have you there and really eager to get you up and show off your talents. Very encouraging and supportive of the people attending to read their own work. Though I would have loved to stand up and read some of the poetry from Briar Ridge Books collections of poetic verse they were a bit busy and I contented myself playing with no flash, performance photography. Considering how terribly out of practise I am, I was quite pleased with the results.

This morning the weather men proved themselves to be on form for a change and I came to with the world in white. So I got up really early whilst it was pitch black outside around 5.30am as it seems to take me at least 2 hrs to achieve being upright, getting my body used to standing, walking, working, balancing and my eyes to focus. Thank the gods it is an auto focus camera hey ;)

I managed to be ready for about 8am and forced myself out for a meander with camera on the farm. I am suffering for it now but thrilled I did as I really did see some beautiful scenery. I might add it is very handy living on a farm. Tractors. quad bikes and all sorts of things about that make getting about easier ;)

The other thing I aim to do is something I failed dismally at last year after the redesign and that is to keep on top of my website. I have no idea if folk read these posts but evidently it is the thing to do to connect you with the world! So I aim to write more of my meanderings and post images of the places I have been etc. They may not be regular but I am going to try. Also progress on the new project is going well and I am hoping to be launching that in the not to distant future. Still very excited, a couple of walls got hit and they need to be sorted out, writers block is a pain is it not ;)

Wishing you all a happy 2015 and may it bring you peace, happiness, love and success in all that you do and wish to achieve.

Love Light and Laughter Tracey

PS: As always I would like to point out that I type as I write and talk fast and hardly stopping for a pause. So forgive the grammar and lack of punctuation marks in places. Remember my eyes are not focusing and my life was spent in the dark painting with light not using keyboard or English skills. Dyslexia does not help! ;)

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